It’s time to speak up for STEM!

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       Your team is invited to join us on the Hill for a conversation with legislators, industry professionals, FIRST Robotics board members, and members of the Board of Education! We need you to represent the FIRST community at the Summit!

       We are hosting a panel to allow high school students to directly interact with these professionals. They will speak to us about their experiences advocating for STEM in our State government. Then, to give panelists an opportunity to hear from the students, we will flip the audiences, having students as the panelists and the professionals asking questions. Students will be able to answer questions about what changes they would like to see in their STEM community. Someone from your team could possibly be on that student panel!

       Be sure to join the NEW SACOT DISCORD CHANNEL to stay connected. We invite you to start a discussion about the topics you’d like to see addressed at the Summit. Send some of the questions you'd like to ask the panelists in the chat!


Joining us on the panel will be...


Representative Vikki Goodwin - District 47 in Austin

Caroline Joiner - Public Policy, Amazon

Dan Mantz CEO, Robotics Education & Competition Foundation

Susan Ashmore - Board of FIRST in Texas