SACOT Mission

SACOT is an organization created to help spread STEM through advocacy in local and state governments of Texas. SACOT was created for two very important reasons: to improve the future of students and to improve the future of Texas. SACOT brings together like-minded high school STEM students throughout Texas to advocate for increased government support for STEM-aligned educational activities. SACOT seeks to provide support, training, and resources to give these students an effective voice as they advocate at both the state and local levels.


News Updates:


3rd SACOT Conference: Gone Virtual!

This year for SACOT’s biennial conference, we are hosting a virtual conference on December 8th, 2018. Through this online, interactive event; we can reach a larger audience within Texas and increase our ability to teach pitching and advocacy skills to high school students.

As a part of our virtual conference, we will be streaming from different ‘nodes’ around Texas to create the real-life, engaging aspect of a conference. These nodes are different locations where the conference will be held for local teams to attend, all watching the online stream. Each node will be responsible for attracting other teams in their area to view and participate in the virtual conference from their location if the team cannot attend in person.

Austin will be the main node from which the conference is led; however, each node has its own responsibilities and is integral to the success of the conference.